Walmart donates to the Oceanside High School Foundation


With the opening of the new Wal-Mart store across the street from Oceanside High School in December of 2013, they generously donated $3500 to the OHS Foundation. They contributed the $3500 to support our school’s programs with the following breakdown:

Faculty grants:

$2000 to cover faculty grants for special projects for students.  This year’s Walmart grants, along with financing from the Oceanside High School Foundation  were awarded to:  the Oceanside High School Robotics Club for their Team Engineering and After school Mentoring program; the Oceanside High School Academy of Justice; equipment for the Severely Handicapped/Medically Fragile Class; supplies for the Oceanside High School Digital Studio class to participate in the San Diego County Fair exhibits; support to the Oceanside High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC program to compete in the National Drill Team competition;  and to help provide additional learning equipment for the Special Education Life Skills class at Oceanside High School.

Swim team donation:

$1500 to support the Oceanside High School swim teams in the amount of $750 each to the boys’ and girls’ swim teams.
Wal-mart is committed to being an excellent community partner in the communities they serve and look forward to working with the Oceanside High School Foundation in the future.

We are grateful for their generous donations to the students and staff of Oceanside High School.  Thank you, Walmart!