Oceanside High School Archives

Over 100 years of Pirate History! 

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Oceanside High School 1967

When the Oceanside High School Library underwent renovations, a beautiful climate controlled archival room was added for the purpose of preserving Oceanside High School memorabilia.  Since 2006 the Oceanside High School Foundation has worked to make sure that treasures of Pirate history are preserved and showcased there.  An example of this effort is the professionally framed and displayed Letterman’s jacket donated by Oceanside High School graduate and Olympian Willie Banks (Class of 1974).

1909 Oceanside High School's First Yearbook

1909 Oceanside High School’s First Yearbook

Additionally, the Oceanside High School Foundation has worked diligently to obtain at least one copy of every yearbook from the earliest, 1909, to the present.

Recently the Oceanside High School Foundation was given a 1916 yearbook named the “Radiator.”  The original name of the school annual was the “Nautilus”.  This was later changed to “The Green and White “, a name taken from our school colors.  In 1916  however it was thought best to give the book a more suggestive title, and the name “Radiator” was chosen.  The student editor  of that year stated :  “It was chosen to express well the object of the book, to radiate the spirit of the school.”  Many of us more recent graduates would have  thought the annual was  always named the “Pirateer.”  Not so!  These yearbooks are very valuable in researching the history of our Alma Mater and just plain fun to read.   We welcome donations of memorabilia of any kind.  Don’t throw those high school treasures away!

Pirateer 1975

Pirateer 1975

We very much appreciate the support and encouragement of current Oceanside High School librarian, Dean Capralis, in helping to keep up these archives.   We invite everyone to visit the archives during Homecoming weekend and see a bit of 109 years of our Pirate history!

Foundation V.P. & Historian Laurie Boone displays photo of Pirate Football 2007

Foundation V.P. Laurie Boone displays photo of Pirate Football 2007

Donate any memorabilia you have to the the Oceanside High School Foundation. Email us at president@ohsfoundation.org or call (760) 722-8201 and let us know how we can help you donate. Thank you!