Class of 1968

In Loving Memory of Pirates forever in our hearts…
Class of 1968

Richard Burnell
Pamela Burgess Farnsworth, June 29, 2016
Ann Eaton  
Arthur Encinas                                        
Randy Erickson, 2000    

Daniel Foster, Dec. 2017                
Michael Garcien  
Jay (Jerome) Goble                             
Chuck Hayes, Feb. 2013                 
Greg Holden  
Timothy Kissinger                                     
Sandra Larson Kitchen, 2007
Jane Martindale
Ted Mroczkowski
Norma Meyer
Randy W. Perkins, Nov. 11, 2006
Kathy Pratt Flores, Apr. 17, 2006

Doug Smith, 2007
Lester Smith
Nancy Sprouse,  1974
Terri Newell,
Danny Voaklander
Susan Waters
Christine Zehefield (foreign exchange student)

"We Honor Our Veterans"

“We Honor Our Veterans”