A Letter of Thanks

A Letter to former Teachers & Coaches of Oceanside High School and why they are special!

From a former student who attended 55 years ago!


I would like to take the opportunity to thank some Oceanside High School, ( OHS), teachers and friends.  These people believed in me before I believed in myself.  After 55 years our teachers still stay in contact with us.  All in attendance were at OHS from the late 50s to the mid 60s; yes it truly was, “Happy days”! 

 On the 25th of Sept.. I attended a luncheon that was sponsored by one of our past OHS teachers, Mr. Dave Allen,                ( Spanish), and his wife Susie.  Mr. Don Hoffman, (US History), was also in attendance.  This get-together has been held for several years.  Around 30 people, all OHS graduates, attended as well.  After 55 years, you would think our teachers would have said, “Well, my job is done” but it’s just the opposite, they truly enjoy the luncheon and we all truly respect and enjoy our annual get together. 

   I never heard of one of our teachers talk about salary, the union, teacher strike or sickout.  We attended school and we all surfed together and just enjoyed the greatest place on earth, Oceanside! 

 These are the mentors and foundation setters that affected my life and set me on the path of accomplishment and giving back to the community.  I want to thank all my teachers and coaches at OHS for your belief in all of us! 

John C. Gilley 
Oceanside CA 92054

Pirate Pride!

Pirate Pride!