OHS Band Room renamed “Mark Phelps Music Room”

OHS Band Director & Music Instructor Mark Phelps

OHS Band Director & Music Instructor Mark Phelps

Oceanside High School Announces ~

In honor of Mr. Phelps’ impending retirement, the OUSD Board of Education has resolved to name the current OHS Band Room the “Mark Phelps Music Room.” Mr. Phelps has dedicated his life to music and shared his knowledge and talent with thousands of students in his 35 years as a teacher, with 33 of those years here at Oceanside high School.

Mark Phelps

Naming the Band Room after Mr. Phelps honors an individual who has dedicated his professional career to the development of Oceanside High School’s music students. Mr. Phelps’ passion and love for music and students is clearly evident through his dedicated work, and it is fitting to honor his legacy by naming the Band Room in his honor. Congratulations Mr. Phelps!

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Band Director Mark Phelps retirement celebration held May 24

Since 1983 Oceanside High Band Director Mark Phelps has been leading the Oceanside High band and orchestra, that is an amazing 33 years!

1983 - First Year at OHS

1983 – First Year at OHS

With his upcoming retirement at the end of the school year, Nova (Healy) Charle (Class of 1993), his wife Julia Goldman Phelps, students, colleagues, and friends held a celebration on May 24 to show how much he is appreciated and loved for his tremendous dedication to so many musicians at Oceanside High.  There were special speakers and musicians as a part of the tribute. Students and friends brought written pages to express their thoughts and gratitude to add to his memory book.

Celebration in the OHS Band Room, May 24, 2015

Celebration in the OHS Band Room, May 24, 2015

If you would like to add to Mr. Phelps’ memory book, please email Julia Phelps at jphelps@cox.net

Mrs. Phelps has stated “when all is said and done, knowing that he has meant something to the students he taught is the very best retirement gift he could receive.”

Mr. Phelps will be greatly missed next fall! The OHS Alumni/Foundation wishes him the best of luck as he moves into his ‘next chapter’ of life!

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