Faculty Grant Winners Spring Semester 2016

OHS Foundation Faculty Grants approved for Spring Semester 2016


Each semester, the OHS Foundation awards grants to OHS teachers and  two outstanding teachers were given grants to help advance their curriculum in the classroom.

Cameron Clark   ($300)   Math Department

For the purchase of two classroom sets of compasses and protractors for Math classes. protractorProjects require that every common core math 1 instructor have a class set of instruments to perform basic geometric constructions emphasizing properties of parallelograms, squares, rectangles, and rhombi. Simple compasstasks like copying an angle, bisecting a segment or angle, and creating a perpendicular line are necessary for the program the school has adopted. The school is moving to all common core next year and this grant would help to provide the supplies needed.


Frank Zimmerman   ($500)   TV, Film & Digital Media Class

Coach Zimmerman

This grant will help provide students with two service cameras, additional equipment (a Rode Microphone) and memory cards for classroom use.  Students will now have access to more equipment to better their media skills and techniques.