The Oceanside Promise

OHSfoundation_logo-011.pngAs we enter a new school year, the Oceanside High School Foundation/ Alumni Association is in full support of the Oceanside Promise.  Our mission is clear and focused for all things Oceanside! OHS Foundation is a non-profit organization with an all volunteer membership with donations and membership fees staying with our school and community.

What is the Oceanside Promise?

from Dr. Duane Coleman, OUSD Superintendent

Dr. Duane Coleman

Dr. Duane Coleman

“Here in Oceanside, we have not only a commitment but a promise, to every one of our kids. The promise that every child that graduates from one of our schools be college, career, and life ready.

Oceanside High

Oceanside High

This is the Oceanside Promise.

So what does that mean? It means that not only is OUSD committed to the success of our kids but so is our entire community. Our kids are the future and it is our job, not just as educators but as a community, to prepare them for life. To ensure they have the supports and tools they need to be productive citizens, to make sound decisions, and to be able to give back to the neighborhoods they grew up in.

The Oceanside Promise is a commitment by the community, and anchored by OUSD, to work together to provide youth and their families, with the best coordinated and data-driven efforts to ensure young people enter adulthood prepared to succeed. Is this audacious? Yes. Is this a lot of work? Yes. Is this necessary? Absolutely yes.

OHS orchestra

OHS orchestra


OHS Graduation

OUSD will make sure all of our kids are ready for kindergarten, are literate by the 3rd grade, that all 9th graders are on track to graduate, and that all of our kids graduate high school ready to go to college or have the technical skills they need to start a career.

Every teacher and staff member at OUSD is committed to providing each and every child we serve the best educational experience possible, and so is the community of Oceanside. The more hands and hearts involved –the greater the impact. Together, we will make sure the next generation is the best generation.”


Let’s have the best year ever, Oceanside! Please support the Pirates, through athletics, musical events, theatre, art, science and Foundation events.