Fall Semester 2016-17 Faculty Grant Winners

Kimberly Moreno                                                               $250                   English Language Development (ELD) 1/11

This grant will help fund the community garden project sprouting out of the novel “Seedfolks.”  Students will embark on a yearlong project where they will actively explored urban gardens and sustainable living…with a goal of contributing to our city and build partnerships with various businesses in Oceanside.


Allison Wootton                                                                  $150               Functional Daily Living Skills & Recreation Program for the Visually Impaired

In additions to teaching her visually impaired students Braille and  technology, she will be able to use these funds to expand the core curriculum lessons of daily living and recreational skills around the community (shopping, laundry mat, public transit, attending community outings).


Melissa Harkiewicz                                                                        $500            Academic Success Learning Center (Special Education)

These funds will help to purchase computer tablets for students to better support instruction, resourcefulness, responsibility and increased skill using technology.  Students will have access to these tablets for writing assignments and exams allowing opportunity to expand their abilities.


Chandra Faist                                                                                   $300      Academy of Justice (AOJ)

With the rapid expansion of the AOJ students, more funding is needed to support the program.  These funds will help keep incoming AOJ freshmen in uniform.  AOJ is recognized around campus and in the community as students  participate in different aspects of police and fire training.


Brad Hollingsworth                                                                       $300     Publications/Yearbook

These funds will help to purchase a drone to take aerial pictures for the yearbook and other social media outlets on campus with the additional video link with the yearbook to allow students to click on an image in the yearbook and then see video of the event on their phone or tablet.