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2018 Hall of Fame

Nominations are open for 2018


Do you know an Oceanside High School graduate that has significant achievements and contributions in a specific area of accomplishment? Oceanside High School has developed and maintains an outstanding reputation for producing graduates who leave their mark on society.

To qualify, the nominee:

  • Must be an Oceanside High School graduate
  • Must have attended Oceanside High for at least two years or more

Nomination deadline for 2016 consideration has closed.   Nominations for the 2018 Hall of Fame are now open.  Deadline is April 7, 2018.    Please continue considering nominations to this prestigious honor.   Thanks to all of you who made fantastic nominations to this year’s  Hall of Fame.


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Areas for Nominations include:







Once nominated, the individual stays in the pool indefinitely, and is reconsidered each year. 

All of the Hall of Fame inductees are on display in Senior Hall at Oceanside High School along with a brief history of their accomplishments. Our most honorable graduates have distinguished themselves through exemplary lives they have lived and the career fields in which they excelled. 


The nomination period for the 2017 Hall of Fame has has closed.