Scholarship Sponsors

Oceanside High School Foundation
Scholarship Sponsors

The cost of secondary education increases every year… Oceanside High School has outstanding Logostudents who, with the help of the Oceanside High School Foundation and generous donors, have been able to continue their education after graduation.

logoThroughout the years, the Oceanside High School Foundation has given over $60,000 in scholarship money to graduating seniors.  We love giving back to the students at Oceanside High School, but we cannot keep giving back at the same level unless we continue to receive the financial support from alumni and friends.  We urge you to become an Oceanside High School Foundation member and consider donating and creating a scholarship in your name, your family name or other individual or group.

Please click on Sponsoring an Oceanside High School Scholarship  if you are considering supporting OHS students with a one-time or an annual scholarship. Thank you for your consideration.

Scholarship Donors

Chris Abad, an avid surfer, of the Oceanside Social Surf Club,  is awarding over $2,000 to a graduating Surf Club, Surf PE, or Surf Team member who plans to attend a 2 or 4 year college.  Mr. Abad is awarding this scholarship through the proceeds from a golf tournament sponsored by the Social Club.

Lou & Jim Fosnot,  Counselors at Oceanside High School, have generously donated $250 for a Community Service Scholarship offered to a student who has given back to the community through service, dedication and hard work.

Rita Mazzarella Gray and Robert Gray Memorial Scholarship offers a $1000 scholarship annually to graduating students.  Both Rita and Robert are 1962 graduates of Oceanside High School.  They have donated a total of $20,000 to the Foundation for this purpose.

Mr. Ward Lewis, class of 1970, has very generously donated $6,000 on the behalf of 4 people.  Four scholarships are given annually, $500 each, on the behalf of the following:

  • $500 scholarship in memory of his father, Ben E. Lewis, who after struggling great hardships throughout his life, rose above it all and was a successful businessman in real estate & a church leader.
  • $500 scholarship on behalf of his mother, Ozelle Lewis, who has a passion for journalism.
  • $500 scholarship in memory of W.H. “Chick” Mensching, a US Marine, WWII POW, who later became a prominent banker & successful businessman.
  • $500 scholarship in  memory of Arthur Ray Lambson, who taught music at Oceanside High School.

The Robert & Betty Kitchin family generously donates two $500 scholarships ($1000) annually in memory of  Robert, who taught Social Studies at Oceanside High School for many years.

The Clyde & Billie Warner family  graciously donates two $500 scholarships ($1000) annually in memory of Billie, who worked with special education students at Oceanside High School from 1976 to 2001.

The Larry Hatter   family, annually donates $750:

  • $500 scholarship, on behalf of Larry Hatter, one of our 2008 Hall of Fame recipients and a 1962 Oceanside High School graduate.
  • $250 scholarship in memory of Larry’s father, Wally Hatter,who was known as “The Voice of the Pirates.”

The Oceanside High School Foundation gives from $500 to $2000 each year to graduating Seniors who have made a significant impact while attending Oceanside High School.  The amount given each year depends on the donations received.

It’s Not Too Late

Oceanside High School Foundation wishes to thank all of our generous scholarship sponsors.  It’s not too late for you to sponsor a scholarship.  Oceanside High School Foundation is a 503(c) charity and all donations are tax-deductible.  Take a moment and click here for your  donation to Oceanside High School Foundation.