2016-2017 Spring Semester Faculty Grant Winners

OHS Foundation Faculty Grants      Spring Semester 2016-17

Congratulations to the following OHS  teachers and counselor on receiving these OHS Foundation faculty grants for the Spring Semester:


 Jennifer Villalpando                                                           $325

English 9

Students are reading the novel, “Night” by Elie Wiesel, as part of a larger unit on adversity. The grant helps fund a field trip to the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles where students will see artifacts from the survivors and a unique opportunity to meet an actual survivor.


Paul Ruez                                                                  $500

Digital Studio – Design, Visual & Media Arts (111) Pathway

This funding will help support the students’ learning and application of digital arts being taught. These funds will be used for material and fees required to conduct the Digital Studio classes and help with the display at the San Diego County Fair.


Lou Fosnot                                                               $500

Counseling Department

These funds will help fund a “2-in-1” laptop computer, allowing the counselor to work in the classrooms with students.


Melissa Harkiewicz                                                            $500

Academic Success Learning Center

These funds will help to purchase additional computer tables for students’ use, allowing the teacher to create a Google classroom that would incorporate study skill activities and other resources.