Recipients of the 2017-2018 Spring Semester Faculty Grants

Congratulations to the following OHS educators and administrators on receiving OHS Foundation faculty grants for the Spring Semester 2017-2018.

Paul Ruez, Digital Studio Program   
For the purchase of supplies and materials to support the ongoing programs that teach digital communion skills which target career education pathways at OHS.


Becky Zielinski, OHS Administration 
For the purchase of backpacks for 2nd semester Freshman Camp Advance which helps each student experience relation building and goal setting in an overnight event.


Kenneth Wright, Assistant Principal
Custom OHS pop-up tents for the school that will be used for school registration, Camp Advance, Back-to-School Night, and other needs on campus.


Sarah Carling-Guerra, Special Education Department
For their on-site garden project to help Special Education students use practical application leading to the Environmental Science and Engineering career pathways.


Jessica Haugen, P.E. Department
For the purchase of a sign for the girls locker room that reads, “Random Acts of Kindness Accepted Here…Oceanside High School” to encourage kindness between students, students and staff, and all around the campus