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1909 Oceanside High School's First Yearbook

1909 Oceanside High School’s First Yearbook

Oceanside High School  was founded in 1906, and the first graduating class of five students produced a yearbook in 1909. In the Oceanside High School archives, we have one copy of that yearbook titled “The Nautilus.” What a treasure this is to the history of Oceanside High School.

From that first yearbook, until this graduating class of 2014, the only yearbooks we are missing are : 1910, 1911, 1915, 1916, 1917, and 1918. We believe our archival collection is one of the most complete of school yearbooks anywhere. Much thanks to former school librarians and local historians for the vision to keep these yearbooks. Since the  100th year celebration of Oceanside High School  in 2006, we have secured many missing yearbooks, and our set is nearly complete! Some of those listed here may actually not exist, as we have now learned that at least one year there were no graduating seniors. But we are still searching and if you know any information about this, please let us know.

1943 Varsity Lettermen

1943 Varsity Lettermen

Only recently we obtained a copy of the 1916 annual, and although it had a few pages missing, the Oceanside High School Foundation received a donation from an alumna to have it reprinted. Our ultimate goal is to have at least 2 complete copies of every yearbook originally produced–one to preserve and one for research.

If you have a yearbook you would like to donate or if you are interested in researching the collection we now have, please contact the Oceanside High School Foundation at historian@ohsfoundation.org and we will get back to you and an appointment will be made through our Oceanside High School Foundation  historians, Laurie (Nelson) Boone and Zoe (Decrevocure) Erickson  (both class of 1968) to give you access to this wonderful resource.

Alma Mater

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