Mission Statement

Oceanside High School, Oceanside, California

Oceanside High School, Oceanside, California

Foundation established 1986

The mission of Oceanside High School is to ensure every member of the school community is achieving in a challenging and comprehensive environment as determined by state and district standards. Support systems will ensure students’ maximum preparation for their post–secondary pursuits.

Our purpose is to raise funds for the benefit of the students and staff of Oceanside High School.  These benefits include, but are not limited to scholarships, student programs, classroom supplies, and capital improvements to the school. We also serve as a liaison and database for alumni and their respective graduating classes.

All donations made to this foundation are tax-deductible as we are a non-profit 501 (C) (3) Corporation

Vision Statement

Preserving The Past, Promoting The Future
• To recognize, encourage and support the students and staff at Oceanside High School
• Maintain the Oceanside High School archives in the school library to preserve the legacy of Oceanside High School
• Manage and maintain the Oceanside High School Hall of Fame recognizing past Oceanside High School graduates and their local, national and/or international accomplishments

Oceanside High School is a proactive family committed to engaging, relevant, and collaborative learning that challenges our community to be powerful contributors who flourish in a global society.