Support OHS Tile Project


 Oceanside High School Foundation  commemorative  tile project. In September 2008, a beautiful, permanently engraved ivory tile wall was installed on the Oceanside High School campus above the Senior Fountain and in 2016, more tiles were installed on the Multi-Purpose Room (old Cafeteria).

Tile: 4x8-no-logo

Inspiration: 4×8-no-logo

All of the purchased tiles have now been installed on the walls for display.  We want to thank you for purchasing your tile.  We have not yet set a date for future tile projects, if you are interested in helping us with future projects, please let us know through this website.

This lasting memorial is part of the OHS Foundation Campus Beautification Project and will help the foundation:

  • Assist OHS students with scholarships
  • Help teachers with special program needs
  • Secure  the best high school facilities for OHS
  • Promote Pirate Pride with reunions and celebrations

Inspiration: 4x8-logo-small


Inspiration: 4x8-No-Logo

Inspiration: 4×8-No-Logo


Inspiration: 8x8-logo-small

Inspiration: 8×8-logo-small

Inspiration: 4×8-logo-small