2013 Scholarship Winners

2013 Scholarship Recipients



The 2013 recipient of the Oceanside High School Foundation scholarship for $500 is: Marcus A. Cerda.  Marcus is thankful for his experiences at Oceanside High School…from the relationships to his academic and athletic accomplishments. He loves the diverse community that Oceanside High School has to offer.  Wrestling has been the sport that he loves and has participated in wrestling all four years.  He hopes to continue his education at San Diego State University and some day have his own business.


Clyde & Billie Warner family offers two $500 scholarships in memory of Clyde’s wife, Billie, who worked with special education students at Oceanside High School from 1976 to 2001. The Billie Warner Memorial Scholarship goes to students who display a need and desire to continue their education and have worked hard throughout their 4 years at Oceanside High School. This year’s recipients of the Billie Warner Memorial Scholarship are: Jesse Sandoval & Nubia Castro.

Jesse Sandoval loves to help and motivate other students. He is being raised by his aunt and uncle and is in need of financial assistance to help pursue his goal of attending college to become an FBI Agent. He hopes to attend Cal State San Marcos.

Nubia Castro has always loved to read and has volunteered many hours in the school library. Along with helping in the library, she volunteers her time tutoring students who are learning English after school. She plans to pursue her education and become a doctor.


Ward Lewis, class of 1970, has donated money on the behalf of four individuals:
The first are two $500 scholarships in memory of his father, Ben E. Lewis, who after struggling great hardships throughout his life, rose above it all and was a successful businessman in real estate & a church leader. These students are examples of this type of determination and both plan to major in business. This year’s recipients are: Lok Yi Kwan and Kim Cheng

Lok Yi Kwan:  Coming to the United States and not being able to speak English has been a powerful motivator in Lok’s life. Seeing the opportunities available to her, she has worked hard in everything she attempts. She has taken advantage of the different classes and organizations that have been accessible to her while attending Oceanside High School. Lok plans to pursue a degree and a career in the business world, with the hopes of becoming an investment banker.

Kim Cheng:  While in elementary school Kim moved to the United Stated from Cambodia with her family. She rapidly learned English and has applied herself while at Oceanside High School earning outstanding grades in academically challenging classes. She has been accepted to a number of different colleges and plans to pursue a degree in International Business.


Ward Lewis also offers a $500 scholarship on behalf of his mother, Ozelle Lewis, who has a passion for journalism. This year’s recipient is: Melissa Rojas Carrasco.

Melissa has worked hard during her four years at Oceanside High School. Through her efforts and hard work, she has been accepted to UC Riverside. She had the opportunity to experience the campus during their Highlander Day and knew immediately this would be the college campus for her. She plans to major in Media and Cultural Studies because of her interest in working with the media in public relations or communications.


Another important person in Ward Lewis’ life is W.H. “Chick” Mensching,  a US Marine, WWII POW, who later became a prominent banker & successful businessman. He has donated $500 for a scholarship in his name and this year’s recipient is:Roselee Jeannette Ledesma

Roselee has been active all four years of high school. During her junior year, she was selected to represent Oceanside High School at the California Girls State Conference, hosted by the American Legion Auxiliary. Through this experience, she gained a deep desire to help our injured troops to recuperate from their physical injuries. She plans to become a physical therapist to aid not only our troops, but also anyone who needs assistance to restore their physical abilities. She plans to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Marquette University.


Betty Kitchin offers two $500 scholarships in memory of her husband Robert, who taught Social Studies at Oceanside High School for many years. The Robert Kitchin Memorial Scholarship goes to students who wish to continue their education with the desire to work in the field of Education. The 2013 recipients are Matthew Kucirek and Naomi B. Saucedo.

Matthew Kucirek loves mathematics and helping others, therefore, his career goal is to become a mathematics teacher. He has been truly inspired by his math teachers at Oceanside High School and hopes to encourage his future students in the same way. He hopes to attend UCSD and major in math.

Naomi B. Saucedo has always loved working with children and has followed this passion all of her life. Working with children as a Sunday school teacher and interning at a local daycare/preschool has only helped to solidify her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.


The Hatter family, who, on behalf of Larry Hatter, one of our 2008 Hall of Fame recipients and a 1962 Oceanside High School graduate, offers a $500 scholarship to a student who shows leadership qualities, not only in school but also in the community. This year’s recipient is: Jasleen Vaca.

Jasleen loves to help other students and because she was once a student who did not speak English when she came to the United States, she has a passion to help other students who are learning English. During her junior and senior year, she had been doing community service work at the English as a Second Languange Saturday Scholars program at Oceanside High School. Along with cheerleading and maintaining a 3.19 grade point average, Jasleen looks forward to attending college to pursue her goal of become a psychologist.


The Hatter family also sponsors a $250 scholarship in memory of Larry’s father, Wally Hatter, who was the “Voice of the Pirates” for many years at Oceanside High School football games. This scholarship goes to a student who intends to pursue a career in broadcasting, or journalism.  This year’s recipient is:  Ciara Gutierrez. 

Not too many high school students can say they have their own Internet radio show, but Ciara certainly can. World Tuned Radio is the name and she has been hosting the show for the last year. Her ultimate career goal is to write a movie that could possibly change the lives of people or to have her own TV show. She plans to continue her education at community college and then transfer to a four-­‐year university.