2014 Scholarship Winners

Our outstanding scholarship recipients for 2014 ~ 


Isabella Speedon -OHS Foundation Scholarship (L) and Kristal Lopez -Billie Warner Memorial Scholarship (R)


Class of 2014 Scholarship Recipients








Rita Mazzarella Gray & Robert Gray Memorial Scholarship            $1,000.    

Isrrael Vasquez          Isrrael is an extraordinary young man with a positive attitude, a winning smile and personality that reflect his sense of pride and core values. He demonstrates leadership qualities, resiliency and strength of character that exceeds those of his peers. He currently serves as vice-president of two of the Robotic club programs: the Robotics Team and the university sponsored chapter of the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers.  With an almost perfect attendance record, he maintains a GPA of 3.6 and plans to attend a 4-year university and pursue a career in Civil Engineering.


Robert Kitchin Memorial Scholarship                           $500 to each recipient   

 Brandom Aguilar   To become a high school math teacher is Brandom’s career objective, and by the recommendation of his calculus teacher, he has all the ability to succeed in this goal. Besides his ambition to become a math teacher, Brandom participates in the Health Career Academy at Oceanside High School, where he is realizing the possibility that he might consider becoming a doctor as well.   His teachers state he has everything it takes to be successful in whatever career path he decides to pursue. He plans to attend California State University-Los Angeles.

Elisa Ortiz   After graduation from high school, Elisa plans to pursue her education to work in the field of computer science or mathematics. Active in various clubs on campus and at her church, Elisa loves to help and tutor other students. She understands that “knowledge is power” and she enjoys helping other students see their potential and ability to learn new things. She plans to attend Cal Poly Pomona.


Billie Warner Memorial Scholarship                                        $500 to each recipient                               

Kristal Lopez    For the past three years, Kristal has been active and has held leadership roles in the Be the Resistance club at Oceanside High School. The purpose of this club is to reduce the harm of drugs and alcohol through community action, education, and support. She loves helping other people and plans to pursue a career goal of becoming a Physician Assistant where she can give back to her community. Kristal plans to attend California State University-Fullerton.

Sierra Andino-Wilson    Sierra has had to overcome great obstacles throughout her life. She has shown she has the ability to persevere and succeed in whatever she pursues. Not only does she excel in the classroom, she in very involved in OHS activities and clubs, from play productions to the Black Student Union, the American Sign Language club to different ministries within her church. Sierra plans to pursue a career in helping people, as either a social worker or in the field of youth or worship ministry. Sierra plans to attend California Baptist University in Riverside.


Ben E Lewis Memorial Scholarship                                            $500                

Yolanda Cruz        Yolanda is a student that goes “above and beyond” in all that she attempts. Since her sophomore year, Yolanda has been an active participant in the highly competitive Upward Bound Program at California State University San Marcos. This is a program designed to help high school students develop the necessary skills to ensure success in college. Yolanda has excelled in this program as well as all of her rigorous academic classes. She is also involved in a number of other programs at OHS, adding her abilities and dedication to each.  She plans to attend California State University-Los Angeles.  After pursuing her degree in college, she plans to open a community based recreational center for troubled youth.


Arthur Ray Lambson Memorial Scholarship                                        $500              

Kathryn Tamondong   Kathryn has participated in the Oceanside High School Show Choir for the last two years and in that short time, she has made a significant impact on the program.   She had a gifted ear for vocal lines and harmonies and can read music well and is one of the strongest voices in her show choir section. As a natural leader, she is a role model for other students to emulate.   She plans to pursue a career in Music Therapy, teaching music to autistic or special needs children. She has been accepted to Nyack Christian College in Nyack, New York.

W. H. “Chick” Mensching Memorial Scholarship                     $500                        

Evelyn Mateo    Evelyn brings joy to every activity she is involved with. Working in the Oceanside High School After School Tutoring Program, she demonstrates a great amount of compassion and integrity. Working well beyond her assigned volunteer hours, she now offers her help and time to students and the program almost everyday, with homework support and facilitating activities.   She is an excellent model and mentor of what ambition and perseverance can do. She hopes to pursue a degree in college and become a Civil Engineer.


Ozelle Lewis Scholarship                                                              $500                          

Merari Rodriguez-Esquivel   Merari has a passion for journalism, and as a member of the Journalism class at Oceanside High School, she is a vital contributor to the school’s newspaper, The Driftwood.   She understands the importance of informing her readers of the truth, in a timely, concise manner. She loves the challenges of developing each edition of The Driftwood, and finds these challenges the impetus to only make the next edition better than the last.   Merari plans to continue her education after graduation with the goal of majoring in Graphic Design to work in the newspaper and/or magazine business. Merari will be attending Mira Costa College.


Larry Hatter Leadership Scholarship                                        $500                          

Zeina Nunnery   “Involved” is the word for Zeina. Since she became an Oceanside High School student, Zeina has been active, not only excelling in the classroom, but also actively involved in worthwhile clubs and organizations such as Scholars for Public Service, Junior Civitan, Global Awareness Club, H3 and the National Honor Society. Additionally, she volunteers at the local library, working with children and tutoring at a local elementary school.  After high school graduation, she plans to become a registered nurse and attend Cal State San Marcos or possibility join the Peace Corps.


Wally Hatter Memorial Scholarship                                           $250                         

Daniel McElaney    Daniel’s main career goal is to pursue a career in the field of sports, either working for an international sport company or working for a professional sports team in the area of marketing, administration. As one of the school’s top math students, he is becoming well prepared for the business field. Danny shows dedication in everything he does, from his involvement in the OHS baseball team to volunteering at his church and at baseball clinics in Oceanside.   In everything he does, he shows the same characteristics that make him shine in the classroom; drive, determination and the desire to do his very best. Danny  will be attending UCLA.


Oceanside High School Foundation                                            $500                          

Isabella Speedon    Isabella embodies the true meaning of Pirate Pride. Since her freshman year, Isabella has been involved in the life of OHS, from sports to clubs to student government. She is a very determined person, always meeting her commitments with distinction and success. She is well liked and respected by all students, teachers and coaches. She plans to pursue a degree in college and eventually a career in law enforcement. Isabella will be attending Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana where she will play NCAA Golf for the school.