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Edith Ronsse SwaimEdith Ronsse Swaim

Edith Ronsse Swaim


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Community Service

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Graduating in 1942, Edith Ronsse Swaim has made unparalleled contributions to Oceanside High and the City of Oceanside. Swaim served as director of the Heritage Park Museum for more than 20 years, overseeing the non-profit organization charged with maintaining and refurbishing Oceanside’s historical buildings and their contents. Swaim has been instrumental in planning and executing the All Class Oceanside High School Reunion and Old-timers’ Day for the past 29 years. Swaim served as secretary, treasurer and registrar of the All Saints’ Church and Cemetery Association and has been instrumental in preserving the church and cemetery built in 1890. She served the Oceanside Campfire Girls for 25 years including a three-year term as president. She also served as the Vice President/Program Chair for the Oceanside Historical Society in the 1990s.  Much of our history information on the Oceanside High history page of this website was compiled by Mrs. Swaim. On April 10, 2015  Mrs. Swaim passed away at the age of 90.

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