About Us

How the OHS Foundation serves Oceanside High School

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enhance the high school experience, encourage the undeniable value of an education and  nurture the powerful sense of our Pirate community.

  • In order to promote this mission, the OHS Foundation supports continuing education, scholarships, faculty grant awards and other various activities to encourage success of the student body and faculty.
Oceanside High School Student
Oceanside High School Student

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to raise funds for the benefit of the students and staff of Oceanside High School.  

  • These benefits include, but are not limited to scholarships, student programs, maintaining the school’s archives, classroom projects and supplies, and campus improvement projects.
  • We also serve as a liaison and database for alumni and their respective graduating classes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and celebrate the future and honor and preserve the past by: 

  • Recognizing, encouraging and supporting the students and staff at Oceanside High School through various means.
  • Maintaining the Oceanside High School archives in the school library to preserve the legacy of Oceanside High School
  • Managing and maintaining the Oceanside High School Hall of Fame recognizing past Oceanside High School graduates and their local, national and/or international accomplishments.
  • Sponsoring and hosting the annual All-Class Reunion to encourage membership and maintain the alumni community of OHS grads.
Oceanside High School Student

Who We Are

The nonprofit Oceanside High School Foundation was originally founded in 1986.  Left inactive after the Oceanside High School 80th reunion, this vital organization was re-established in 2005 to organize the school’s centennial celebration.  Today, the Oceanside High School Foundation continues to serve the students, staff and alumni of OHS. Working on behalf of Oceanside High School, the Foundation helps provide funds for student programs, scholarships, faculty grant awards, campus improvement projects, the annual All-Class Reunion, Hall of Fame and other activities helping to lessen the disparity between student’s needs and state/district funding. We also serve as a liaison and database for alumni and their respective classes.



Michell Marquez Vargas

Michell Marquez Vargas, winner of $500 Robert Kitchin Memorial Scholarship 2015

OHS Science & Robotics

OHS Science & Robotics

What We Do

Scholarships & Grants

We have provided over $100,000 in scholarships and faculty grant awards over the years.  With your membership dues and donations, these scholarships go to deserving graduating seniors who want to continue their education either through public or private universities, community colleges or vocational programs.  Your support also provides faculty grant awards each year to help supplement what teachers do in the classroom and beyond.  Over the years we have helped with tournament registration for different school-sponsored clubs, purchased recorders and additional supplies for classrooms, helped pay for buses for student field trips, and much more. Teachers would not be able to carry out some of the activities to enhance the learning experience without our support.

Paul Ruez

Paul Ruez (Digital Media) ~ Faculty Grant Winner 2018

Walmart Donation

The OHS Foundation received $3500 from Walmart Corp (2013)

Leah Ritt

Leah Ritt - Choir Director. Faculty Grant Winner

School Archives

We also maintain the OHS archives located in the school’s library.   Oceanside High School is over a hundred years old and has a rich heritage. We help to collect, maintain and catalog the yearbooks and mementos that are donated to the school.  We have also provided the school with beautification projects as well as maintaining some of the display cases around the campus, this includes the enhancement of Senior Hall and the Hall of Fame display cases.

Wally Molifua Gym

Inside Wally Molifua Gym

Pirateer Yearbook

Pirateer Yearbook 1975

Varsity Cheer

Varsity Cheer

Hall of Fame

Because of the strong enduring heritage of our school, at our centennial celebration, we began an Oceanside High School Hall of Fame. Alumni who are selected have contributed in different fields of endeavor.  Each year, we host a Hall of Fame ceremony where new alumni are inducted into the Hall of Fame.Students play a big role and are included in the Hall of Fame ceremony; from the Jazz Ensemble to the Choir, to the Marine Corps Junior ROTC cadets, students are there to showcase their talents.  It is a wonderful event where the students and staff of Oceanside High School are hosting the community for a very special ceremony.

Bobbie Thill

Bobbie Thill - 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee

John Troy 1

John Troy ~ 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

Willie Buchanon

Willie Buchanon - 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee

Join Us

Maintaining a data base, soliciting membership, coordinating and hosting the All-Class Reunion and Hall of Fame, organizing the scholarships and faculty grant awards (plus the many other activities we do) takes people-power. We encourage you to take part and join the Oceanside High School Foundation so we can continue to accomplish great things for the students and staff of Oceanside High School. Oceanside High School Foundation wishes to thank all of our generous donors and members.  It’s never too late for you to join.  Oceanside High School Foundation is a 503(c) charity and all donations are tax-deductible.  Become a member today.

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