Preserving the Past...Promoting the Future!

Established in 1906, Oceanside High School is over 100 years old…with a tremendous history and legacy.

The completion of the campus renovation 2002 included the library, which was originally built in 1955. This ’02 upgrade included a climate-controlled archival room.  This has proven to be a treasure to the OHS Foundation and Alumni Association’s mission of preserving the past.  Since the grand centennial celebration in 2006, the archives have been exclusively dedicated to yearbooks, Pirate memorabilia, historic photos, books written by alumni authors, and a myriad of mementos of years past. 

We have assembled, through generous donations of alumni and their families, a nearly complete collection of yearbooks dating from the very first year in 1909. We are only missing five years:  1910, 1914, 1915, 1917, and 1918.  We are not certain that yearbooks were created for these years, but we continue to search, and are most grateful for any leads in securing any of these missing years.  

We welcome students and staff to do research in the archives in order to inspire interest in the heritage of OHS.  We have assisted countless requests for information on graduates from descendants and former classmates searching for photos, graduation information and awards.  We have also gathered information to document significant events in school history.  Every yearbook and artifact gives evidence of personal, local, country-wide, and even world-wide events that were important in each era over the past century.  Much can be learned about history from reading school yearbooks!

We have also provided the school with beautification projects as well as maintaining some of the display cases around the campus, this includes the enhancement of Senior Hall and the Hall of Fame display cases.

Every year, on the Saturday of the OHS Foundation Hall of Fame induction ceremony, held on campus, the archives are open for visitors.  Visits may also be personally scheduled during school hours for research, or just to enjoy the collection of Pirate Pride.  

Contact Laurie Boone, OHS  Foundation Historian, at to schedule a visit or if you have something you would like to donate to the OHS archives.