OHS Alumni Speakers Needed

OHS Alumni Speakers Needed

April 17, 2024

A message from Bobbi DePorter, Cofounder of CAYS:

CAYS Community Alliance for Youth Success, that I cofounded with Stedman Graham, Assistance League, and OUSD are producing a Youth Success Conference at Oceanside High School on May 31st. In the morning there will be approximately 40 speakers from the community – leaders in a variety of industries, and in the afternoon a College & Career Fair and an Alumni Panel. We produced the Conference at Kearny High School last year and the students were very enthusiastic asking questions of their alumni panel.. Most were students who had graduated in the last few years – answering questions about their transition, challenges, what they wish they would have known, their successes and advice.

Oceanside HSs 1800 students will be divided in four groups (possibly by grade level), so the panel will be 45-minute sessions four times. An alumni could be part of all four panel sessions, or volunteer for one or more – which means we’d like to have between four – sixteen alumni.

How to Register:

Go to https://www.cayspurpose.org/ohs-youth-success-conference. You will see "Volunteer on May 31st" in the orange box at the top of the website… click on that  – and at the bottom of form it asks if you are an Oceanside Alumni.

Or email Hello@CAYSPurpose.org to register