Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominate a worthy OHS Alumni

Nominate an OHS Alumni

Hall of Fame Nomination Form


HOF nominations recieved from June 1, 2024 to February 28, 2025 will be considered for the HOF class of 2025

Please keep in mind the following when making your nomination.

  • Your nominee MUST have attended OHS for at least two (2) years and be a graduate of OHS.  Nominees are eligible beginning ten (10) years from their graduation, and they cannot be a current Trustee or Officer of the OHS Foundation. 
  • Nominees must have made significant achievements or contributions since their graduation from OHS, in addition to distinguishing themselves through exemplary lives they have lived, made a difference in others’ lives, and have currently, or in the past, made a significant impact in any one of these areas: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Business, Community Service or Public Service.
  • You MUST make personal contact with your nominee, or their family, and verify their willingness to be nominated.  This nomination does not guarantee selection.  The OHS Foundation Hall of Fame Selection Committee meets in April of each year to select the Hall of Fame inductees. If your nominee is selected, you and your nominee will be notified.
  • You MUST have the nominee’s current contact information.
  • If your nominee is not selected, he/she will remain in the pool indefinitely and be considered by the selection committee each year.

If you have any questions, please contact president@ohsfoundation.org

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As stated above, you MUST make personal contact with your nominee, or their family, and verify their willingness to accept this nomination. What was your nominee's response when you contacted them?

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